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In West – Hungary can be found in the Zala area less than a day’s drive from the town BEZERED Netherlands. Where life is good and cheap, according to experts the most beautiful part of West-Balaton and where the climate from early May to late September is Mediterranean.

You can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the huge private garden with pine forest. It is usually from early May to late September comparable again as eg. In Italy or Croatia.

The village where the house is situated in a picturesque green environment
beautiful hills, vineyards and scenic views. You can take directly from home walking and / or cycling. The sandy beach on Lake Balaton is not far away. A few kilometers from the cottage there are miscellaneous thermal baths. Where guests will find several restaurants, coffee houses, bars and a shop. (See Tip vacation!)

The climate in South West Balaton in Hungary
Hungary has a temperate continental climate.
This means:

– Spring and autumn are rather short
– Winter: cold and wet snow
– Summer: long, hot and dry with lots of sunshine.

From April to October it is especially pleasant stay in Hungary. A big difference with coastal States is that the air is dry. If it rains this is often done at night which is nice. In the morning, dries quickly again.

Hungary holidays Naturism – FKK or NFN looking to vacation in Hungary, come very cheap holidays in beautiful surroundings where you can search the crowds on itself.

Temperatures in Hungary are very nice: in the low season it is between 20 and 25 degrees in July and August the daytime average around 25 to 35 degrees. Hungary has quite a lot of sunshine, an average of 2000 hours per year. The annual average rainfall (500 mm) is relatively low. The average January temperature in the west around 0 ° C. It can then freeze strict.

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